Looking for an opportunity to collaborate with a fun product? We seek fun, energetic creators in health and fitness, coffee, and 'watertok' or flavored drink mixing space. The SpinnStir was born from an excruciating daily battle of mixing powdered supplements with a frother. I was tired of the mess it would make when my glass was too full, the clumps that would still be at the bottom of the drink after what I thought was a good mix, and the time wasted cleaning that f*cking whisk! And don't get me started with blender bottles! The SpinnStir is a superior handheld blender for mixing protein powders, collagen powders, hot cocoa powders...you have a powder you need to mix into a drink?...the SpinnStir can mix it! No clumps. No Mess. I have signed up with Shopify Collabs to make the affiliate process seamless. You will receive a SpinnStir when you accept the offer! Some amazing holiday gift packs will be coming soon that will raise overall total sales and commissions!

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